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Healing Your Ancestral Lineage: 
Reveal, Release, Transform Family Patterns

A Web-based Course with 
Gretchen Crilly McKay

“The ancestors are benevolent beings who love us.  
You are their legacy and they want the best for their progeny. 
 Their own evolution in the Other World depends upon the 
completion of unfinished business or making amends for unkind 
acts or deeds that they may have committed during their lifetime.” 
~ Baba P.H. Mtshali, Zulu Traditional Healer and Sangoma

The ancestors are an important part of our soul’s evolutionary process. Among them there is usually one, sometimes more, that are chosen as personal guardians. Ancestors who have agreed to work with us may be grandparents or other deceased relatives, including family members from long ago. The speak the language of intuition and symbols through the elements, memories, dreams, and metaphors.

Ancestral spirits, living on in the Other World, clearly remember their time on the earth. Evolution continues for them and they depend upon working with their descendants to correct family karmic issues. The more they see you struggling the more they ache, and the more compassion they feel the more anxious they are to assist in the healing of those still in the world. It is an equal partnership. 

Not all our ancestors have been wise and loving in their choices. When hearts and minds and hopes were broken, their woundings resulted in traumas that have been passed down through our DNA. Connecting with the gifts and talents that you inherited and recognizing the sacrifices your ancestors made provides a healing environment for releasing the past through forgiveness and love.

In this three-module experiential course we will explore family patterns and subconscious limiting beliefs that need to be revealed, released, and transformed - for the past, the present, and the future. 

Reveal: Password sent via email 
  • Get to know you ancestral guide(s) and identify your role in healing the family lineage
  • Explore family patterns and subconscious limiting beliefs that are ready to be released
  • Create an honoring ritual for your ancestors

Release: Password sent via email 
  • Check in with your Guardian Ancestor
  • The power of words to bless or curse
  • Create a ritual for releasing 

Transform: Password sent via email 
  • Take a deeper look at the ancestors in your lineage 
  • The power of forgiveness
  • Create a ritual for honoring the Ancestors

Questions? Contact Gretchen
This is an email and Internet based course with three modules. It will cover 6 weeks and is now offered "on demand" meaning that your course begins the day you purchase it. Every two weeks you will receive an email with a password-protected link to the material. You will also be invited to a private Facebook page where you can interact with current and former participants. Gretchen is available throughout the course via email to seek clarification and/or ask questions.

Each module will include a video talk by Gretchen, printable handouts, and experiential activities and rituals. ​An optional offering is a 30 minute session with Gretchen during the course for a discounted $35 (regular fee for a private 30-minute session is $65).

Fee Options

Option 1: 
3 Modules for $150
(includes private Facebook access & emails with Gretchen)

Option 2: 
3 Modules plus 30 minute phone consultation with Gretchen for $185
(private consultation at 1/2 price)

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